To My Husband & Child.

I’m nursing Oliver right now and just having in my arms feels so good. I look down and all I can do is just stare. The way he breathes, his tiny hands curled up in his little blue mitts, and the sound of him gulping my breastmilk. I am so in love with him. It is an amazing feeling what a tiny human being can do to me. He makes me feel on top of the world and extraordinaire, just as much as Rufo makes me feel. 

I look at Oliver’s precious face and admire him. I love his eyes and his cute ears. Oh, his hair that I love smelling and caressing so much. Hehe.  

Then, I look at Rufo. Ugh my heart melts too with him. I’m just so filled with love and nothing else matters in this world. That’s what makes me blessed and rich. 

I am beyond blessed with God, my family and friends,and esp these two guys that I have in my life from now and forevermore. 

I can’t stress enough how thankful and grateful I am.  My love for you two is unconditional. 


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