Where has the time gone?

Excuse the mess. 

I can’t believe he was 1 month old here and he looks so darling in this…well, actually in all of them. I am such an old-fashion girl. Hubby did an amazing job at picking the best 6-monthsary gift by buying me a small camcorder that allows me to view the recorded stuff projector style. When do we ever hear of camcorders being used still? 

Times like this, I am able to reminisce what has occurred this past year, esp with the major event of Oliver being born. Yay to making us a family of three. I’m in such awe. I have a beautiful , healthy baby boy. Ahhh! He’s so precious and has grown so much from the time we took him home. My heart is so full of love and I feel so blessed to be his mother. I admit I teared up watching these videos and here goes Rufo, “You’re cute babe.” 

I just can’t believe everything in my life. Life is good and I am truly blessed that I am a mom and I have this little human being that I am willing to do anything for. 

Sorry guys, I got lazy to hold the camera and to even put the stand up LOL. That’s why the view of Baby Oli is crooked

Good night, World. 

Yes Oli, I love your face so close!

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