Baby, It’s Bedtime.

I love our night time routines with you, Baby Oli. You’re just full of joy, whether you’re getting a diaper change or changing into your little onesies. I absolutely adore the way you look at your books and at us when reading to you every night. Then, the way you remain calm when we put your hands together for prayer. It’s so surreal. To this day, I can’t believe I am a mother. 

You like sitting down, chilling with Mama & Dada, yet be active when doing tummy time or playing on your activity mat. Those giggles when I tickle your feet, inner thighs or the sides of your tummy, bring such a light in my heart. The way your eyes twinkle when you look at me or your heart just feels like it wants to explode and break at the same time. 

Oh my dear son, my first born, and my baby boy.. 
Ahhh I’m in love with you my dear little one. I may say it over and over again, but for real Baby Oli, you’re the best thing that has happened to your Daddy and me. Honestly, you’ve been such a good baby and I hate saying it, because I like to remain humble about you, and I don’t want to jinx it either in the future with you and any future siblings you may have  (ex: you acting like a bad boy lol). 
Please continue to blossom slowly…and and genuine…kind and loving…wise and playful…imaginative and intuitive..creative… and so much more that Mommy can’t think of right now (Forgive me, hehe). 

We love you sooooo much, Oliver Ezekiel. 

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  1. thenewagedad says:

    What a profound message. Very beautifully worded.


    1. Foreverly Beverly says:

      Aww thank you =)

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