Nursery at Church

Cutest thing ever. Oli and I went to Celebration church today and I left him in the nursery. I’m so proud of myself that I wasn’t trying to check on him like every two minutes lol. It was great. I had a great service like always, and next thing you know Pastor Dino was about to wrap up, I get a text from the nursery baby-sitter: 

 “Hi. Oliver is ready to be picked up. He’s been changed and fed but is still a little fussy. He probably just needs his mommy. Thanks.”

I rushed out of the sanctuary and I was like his superwoman coming to his rescue. All I thought was my poor baby, wondering what happened. I came there and he was so cute. 

Oli was in this little seat cart with other kids in it, strapped up, and being pushed by the babysitter.  He was doing his little cry with tears, and looking around as if he was looking for me. He saw me and his arms went wipe open.

Ugh I love that feeling when he needs and wants me. I’m just so in love with my baby. 
I told the girl that I want to take a picture of him in that particular moment. I just want to remember how he looked and isn’t he just darling? Sad but darling? Lol. 

It was such a dear and darling moment. I love him so much. That’s my baby! Mommy is here. Always and forever. 

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