First Week at Daycare. 

I put Baby Oli in daycare earlier than the date I’m suppose to start working. I figured that if he starts earlier and if he gets sick or anything, I’ll be there for him. It’s a different feeling not having him around 24/7. I used to feel guilty when he was younger if I started to even look for work. I felt like I was leaving him with another person at such a young age. 

Now that he is going on 9 months, I feel more confident in him because he is such a social guy. He smiles and giggles. Baby Oli still cries when we do separate from him, but he gets used to it and go on about his day. 

Last week, Baby Oli did amazing his teacher said. Although the second day, he kept following his teacher everywhere and wanted to go wherever she went. Hahaha. Story of my life. I’m sure she knows how I feel because one, it’s her job and two, she has three boys. Whew! 

I’m very proud of Oliver though. He’s doing well so far. Making new friends, being talkative, and learning how to be independent from me. It makes me excited for this new journey we are taking on as a family. 

Let’s see how this upcoming week goes. 

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