Sleeping in His Crib.

Oli is doing such a great job of transitiong from our bed to his crib. Yesterday, he had slept straight through from bedtime (8pm) to morning (6am). He did wake up once but put himself back to sleep. We were going to start him once he turned 1 but there was a few weeks delay, especially since his Nana and Tia Mara were here. (You know who is getting spoiled!) and once I had my thyroidectomy surgery done also. As for Night One, it took him 10-15 minutes of crying out, and he fell asleep. We had read to him, prayed with him, and put his favorite blanket with a few stuffed animals next to him in his bed.

I remember when we did have him in his crib at I believe 4-6 months, but I still didn’t trust it. Trust at leaving him by himself like thoughts of “what ifs” and “would he be able to do this, no not yet” were going through my head constantly.

I believe this is the perfect time in our family to introduce his room, and his own bed. On his own in his own little world. Awww….my baby is growing up.

I am so proud of this little boy in so many ways.

Now we are onto Night Two…

Heavenly Father,

Please keep my son safe in your arms, and have him dream well. He is such a good boy, and has continuously been growing right in front of our eyes. You’ve made him to perfection, and I can’t thank you enough with blessing us a little Oliver. Please continue giving him strength and to grow in all aspects from respecting us and others to being a gentle, sweet, and kind little soul. Thank you for everything you have given us and blessing us with your love.

Thank you. Amen.



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